Dr. Sheldon’s Recipe’s Intro

Dr. Sheldon’s Recipe’s Intro

Hi all, cooking is one of my hobbies and I thought I’d share some of my recipes and how I stay fit. These recipes are what I call “healthy-ish”. You’re not going to find any rich, fattening desserts or heavy pastas and carbs. (Yes, I eat these on occasion, but these types of recipes don’t need to be on a medical office’s website.)

On the other hand, it’s not going to be filled with only super healthy, low-fat vegan, gluten-free meals either. You’ll see plenty of salads and vegetables, various main dish proteins and some relatively healthy desserts as well. I also don’t believe in low-fat substitutes (ex: low fat mayo); I would rather eat the real deal, just less of it. Each recipe may not be for everyone; if you’re diabetic or have high cholesterol, there may be a more restricted diet you need.

I cook for my family most nights of the week and these recipes are what I use at home. I always make a vegetable side or salad, and usually both. I stay fit by eating these “healthy-ish” meals with portion control and exercising 4x/wk (Go Jazzercise!). Also, I have 2 boys and they eat these meals (including stuff like brussel sprouts, cauliflower and farro). I’ve never catered to “kid friendly” meals and figured if they were hungry enough, there would be something that I’ve made that they would eat.

The recipes come from a variety of sources – some made up, some from magazines or cooking blogs, others from cookbooks. Try to be adventurous and try a new food you wouldn’t ordinarily make – especially if it’s healthy.


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